,BAHIA TOMINI RESORT is in Malenge, a remote island with no paved roads, no cars neither motorbikes where you can find a real local experience. We are located in front of some of the most beautiful reefs in Togean.

We have a private amazing white sand beach, completely isolated, apart of all the other resorts and villages where you will feel totally disconnected from civilization. Here you will find total privacy and quietness even in high seasson . We only offer 4 bungalows so we never have more than 8 guests, sometimes with children.

Theres no internet neither telephone signal. No E.M.F.

( You can find WiFi in Tanjung village if you really need it.)




This is the perfect place for relax and meditation but if you want action we can take you diving, snorkelling, jungle trekking, paddling....etc.

You can  share experience and ideas with us and participate in all our daily activities like cleaning Crown Of Thorns Starfish, cleaning plastics, gardening, planting trees, feeding our chicken, moving the compost, cooking sea water to make salt, carpenter work. You can cook with us, learn local recipes and give us ideas and inspiration.

If you have artistic trends we can provide you paints and all kind of tools that you may need for your creations.

The guests say that here you feel like at home with real proximity with the owners and the staff.

The resort only opens when the owners are there. 


                         WHY ECO ?                                 


Protection of nature and positive social impact is our main philosophy.

We are constantly working on ecological sustainability following a Permaculture Project ; using clean solar energy, recycling everything that can be recycled, making long-term and short-term compost. We try to cultivate our own fruits and vegetables and the rest we mainly buy directly from the local farmers and fishermen.

We are cutting some coconut trees and planting other kind of trees in order to improve the biodiversity in the damaged forest.

We protect the wildlife in our surrounding sea and forest, protecting coral and fish from aggressive fishing, cleaning Crown Of Thorns Starfish from the reef, we do our best controlling illegal logging and Coconut Crab hunting, working closely with the Togean National Park rangers (T.N.K.T.)

No soap from laundry is thrown in our area.

Eco Septic Tanks , no chemical products used for cleaning , only soda powder, salt and vinegar.

We use as less paper as possible.......









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